PCBDDC: a class of robust dual-primal methods in PETSc

S. Zampini
SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, 38, S282-S306, (2016)

PCBDDC: a class of robust dual-primal methods in PETSc


Balancing domain decomposition by constraints, BDDC, FETI-DP, PETSc, Domain decomposition


A class of preconditioners based on balancing domain decomposition by constraints methods is introduced in the Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scienti c Computation (PETSc). The algorithm and the underlying nonoverlapping domain decomposition framework are described with a speci c focus on their current implementation in the library. Available user customizations are also presented, together with an experimental interface to the nite element tearing and interconnecting dual-primal methods within PETSc. Large-scale parallel numerical results are provided for the latest version of the code, which is able to tackle symmetric positive de nite problems with highly heterogeneous distributions of the coecients. Current limitations and future extensions of the preconditioner class are also discussed.


DOI: 10.1137/15M1025785


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